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The Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria becomes a Regional Internet Exchange for West Africa

The Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria(IXPN) becomes a regional internet exchange with the support of the African Union Commission. In 2016, following a response to a call for proposals issued by the AU [...]


The much awaited launch of the Measurement Lab (M-Lab) Network Diagnostic Tool in Nigeria was actualized today (Thursday, June 4, 2015). The event held at two locations, viz: Freedom Park, and IXPN offices on [...]

IPv6 Council Forum

Nigeria has established the Internet Protocol version six (IPv6) Council forum that will help in the smooth transition from IPv4 to IPv6, and it has received the backing of the IPv6 Forum. CEO, Internet [...]

IXPN and Rack Centre signs MOU

It is our pleasure to announce that Rack Centre and Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria(IXPN) have just signed an MOU towards the establishment of an IXPN POP at Rack Centre's Tier III, carrier neutral data [...]

Activation of Stratum1 Time Server –

We recently deployed the first public stratum1 time server in Nigeria. This would enable Nigerians and their respective networks have access to accurate time by synchronizing with our time server. This [...]

NgREN Connected to IXPN

The Nigerian Research and Educational Network (NgREN) is currently connected to IXPN. NREN is a Nigeria’s National Research and Education Network interconnecting all higher education institutions [...]


. IXPN has joined Euro-IX (European Internet Exchange Association) in a remote associate membership category, making us among the very few IXPs in Africa to join. Euro-IX was formed in May 2001 with [...]

IXPN amongst the leading IXPs in Africa

We also want to bring your attention to a recent and highly publicized report by the Internet Society (ISOC), a leading international organization on Internet standards and policy. The Internet Society [...]

Activation of F-root server in Nigeria

Each time an internet user views a web page, sends or receives an email, or does anything requiring an address such as, the task can only be completed after checking information gleaned from [...]

IXPN Signs an MOU with Nigerian ICT Forum

IXPN has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Nigerian ICT Forum of Partnership Institutions Ltd/Gte on collaboration towards the formation of Research and Education Network (REN) clusters, a [...]

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