Joining Procedure

Note: Throughout this procedure, “working days” means Mondays to Fridays, excluding those days that are Public Holidays at the location of IXPN’s facilities. The term “CEO” or “IXPN CEO” includes any person appointed by IXPN’s chief executive officer or the board to act for this purpose.

  1. Check that you meet all the prerequisites for becoming a member of IXPN.
  2. Carefully read the IXPN Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  3. Carefully read the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
  4. Fill in the Online Application Form.
  5. Upon submission of the online application form, an acknowledgement of receipt of the application form will be sent to the applicant.The IXPN CEO will review the application with due diligence including verifying all details provided, including checking of contacts and 24×7 NOC details.The IXPN CEO may find the application to have failed required checks and may cause the application to be returned to the applicant for clarification and amendment. Otherwise the application will be forwarded to IXPN membership for approval.
  6. The CEO will send a notice to the appropriate IXPN membership mailing list, notifying existing members of a new application from the applicant and requesting approval.

The application is approved if after two working days there is no objection or query from any member regarding the applicant’s membership application.

  1. Upon approval, the applicant will receive an email notifying the applicant of the approval. The email will also contain a URL to an online Connection Form as well as request the applicant to obtain and sign two copies each of the MoU and MMLPA and return both copies to IXPN. The connection form is required to be completed in full.A completed connection form allows IXPN to plan and perform the necessary admin, configuration and wiring work to allow you to connect. In order for IXPN to process the application and enable you to connect at the earliest opportunity it is important that the information requested is provided as soon as possible.
  1. Once the connection form is received by IXPN, the applicant will thereafter receive an invoice, the applicant must pay the joining fee together with the membership fee (this to be pro rata from the month in which they join to the end of that billing quarter), as well as pay for all other services, in accordance with IXPN MoU Clause 9.2. Cheques should be made payable to “Internet Exchange Point Of Nigeria” and sent, together with the copies of the MMLPA and MoU signed by the applicant or (if a company) a director of the applicant, to IXPN office.

Note – connection to IXPN will not be allowed until payment of all required fees has been cleared and a copy of the signed MoU and the Mandatory Multi-Lateral Peering Agreement MMLPA has been received. Applicants ordering circuits terminating at IXPN, or making other commitments dependent upon their IXPN connection, prior to their membership being formally approved and their fees being paid, do so at their own risk. Confirmation of receipt of these items will be made to the applicant.

  1. Upon receipt of payment of the joining and membership fees, a signed MoU and MMLPA, an IXPN engineering staff will schedule your connection as follows:
  • For connections requiring inter-suite wiring (where applicant has a space co-located at a site where IXPN has infrastructure) IXPN will order and install relevant cabling, and schedule connection, in the normal course of events within five working days. However, this might extend up to a maximum period of ten working days in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.
  • For connections requiring installation of applicant router equipment in an IXPN suite (and termination of applicant’s WAN circuit), IXPN will install relevant cabling, in the normal course of events within 48 hours. However this might extend up to a maximum period of five working days in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Important – please note that for third-party access to terminate your WAN circuit, IXPN requires a minimum of five working days notice. Access to IXPN suite(s) cannot be guaranteed without this period of notice. This also applies to members who wish to install a second circuit at a later date, please note this for future reference.

  1. The successful applicant will liaise with IXPN support staff to install appropriate equipment and lines into IXPN and prepare for peering with the IXPN  Route Server.

Notes on your timescales for connecting to IXPN

  • If you can supply as much information about your plans and deadlines as possible to IXPN this will help us meet your schedules. Please let us know if you think you will not be able to meet your connection date.
  • Delays may be experienced in clearing funds for your IXPN subscription. If delays caused by this are likely to be a problem, you may wish to consider arranging for direct funds transfer rather than sending a cheque.
  • Once your application is endorsed, you have a deadline of one month to achieve working operational peering with IXPN route server or collector router and exchange traffic with ALL existing IXPN members.
  • Where applicant has their own space co-located at a site where IXPN has infrastructure, IXPN will order and install relevant cabling.