Fees And Charges

Joining Fee one-Off 250,000   781
Membership Fee quarterly 65,000    203
Port Fees
10Mbps  Port monthly 20,000    63
100Mbps monthly 50,000    156
1Gbps Port monthly 150,000    469
 10Gbps  monthly 500,000    1563
Private Interconnect Intrasite
Private Interconnect Service (intrasite) one-off On Quote
Private Interconnect Intersite
All site install ***por
monthly ***por
Rack Space
Use of Space in reseller racks monthly ***por
Other Services and Charges
Route Server no charge n/a
Looking Glass no charge n/a
Traffic Report no charge n/a
Support & on-site attendance (excess charge) per instance ***por
Setup Fee one-off on quote on quote

*indicative figures only. All prices subject to current exchange rates at time of taking Service
**current month only

***price on request


Members would not be allowed to additional port of the same capacity on the same switch if a port of higher capacity is available.

The joining fee is paid one-off in advance of connection by all members.

The membership fee is payable by all members quarterly and your first payment is invoiced pro-rata.

The port fee are invoiced bi-annually to members depending on port speed. *’nwap’ refers to the IXPN Wireless Access Point. Members can connect to any of the currently operating IXPN locations wirelessly through the IXPN wireless access points operating on 5.2GHz.

Your first invoice will include the joining fee, membership fee (pro-rata) and the port fee (pro-rata).

For Example:

A Member joining  in January current year to March the following year exchanging  under 10M  will be charged quarterly

Joining Fee (one off payment)= ₦250,000
Membership Fee (quarterly)= ₦ 65,000
Port Fee =₦20,000 x 3 = ₦ 60,000

TOTAL = ₦375,000 (for the 3 months billing period)

and would cover your membership fee from January 2012 to March 2012.

Remeber the Joining fee is paid once and would not be included in subsequent billing.

There are two peering LANs for the IXPN in Lagos . Each additional port is charged at the same rate as the first except:

if a member intends to take a second port on the second peering LAN if they have a single port on the primary peering LAN.

A member’s second 100M is free of port charge, but a member’s second 1G port has a 25% discount on port charge. These discounts are offered to encourage members to take ports on both the IXPN peering LANs.

For avoidance of doubt, you can send an email to info@ixp.net.ng for any membership or application enquiries.

Port Congestion

Members should be aware of their own utilisation, if the average measured traffic on a member’s port exceeds 80% of its capacity, a Port Congestion Charge equal to the Basic Port Charge for that type of port shall be payable in addition to all other port fees. IXPN will provide real time usage graphs provided for member ports.