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IXPN offers connections as its currently operating locations at 100Mbps,1000Mbps (1G) and 10GE port speeds.
IXPN also offers a private interconnect service to allow members to have bilateral connections in
cost effective way.
You must be an IXPN member before you can sign up for a private interconnect service.

IXPN is expected to yield the following results:

  • Immediate drop in connectivity costs as well as cost savings in millions of dollars in offshore internet bandwidth payments ;
  • Improved security profile of Nigerian internet traffic by ensuring that only international traffic leaves Nigeria;
  • Immediate drop in latency from 900 milliseconds to 30 milliseconds for local content;
  • Increased e-commerce activities, leading to reduction of cash transactions;
  • Serve as the central point for connecting Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) towards the development of National Research and Educational Network (NREN);