The IXPN offers connections at its currently operating locations at 100M and 1000M (1G) port speeds.
The IXPN operates a Mandatory MLPA (Multi-Lateral Peering Agreement), which means it is mandatory for every member to peer with the IXPN route servers.
IXPN also offers a private interconnect service to allow members to have bilateral connections in a cost effectively way.
You must be a IXPN member before you can sign up for a private interconnect service.



You can connect to IXPN switches at any of the currently operating IXPN locations; (Medallion Colo (Victoria Island), NET House Colo (Lagos Island), Abuja (Kolda Street), Port-Harcourt (Choba Street),  Rack center, Ikeja, Lagos Mainland.

IXPN Facility are offered via

  • 100M FastEthernet[Interface/100BaseTX | Cable/UTP-5 | Connector/RJ-45]

1000M GigabitEthernet

[Interface/1000BaseSX | Cable/MM | Connector/SC ] [Interface/GBIC | Cable/SM | Connector/SFP]