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What is IXPN?

IXPN is the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria, a centre point for local traffic exchange between network operators and IP providers.


Is IXPN an ISP or a Transit Provider?

IXPN is not an ISP and not a transit provider. IXPN is an Internet Exchange Point for ISPs, transit providers and network operators.


What is Internet Exchange?

The Internet is a global network of networks. An Internet Exchange (IX or IXP) is a physical infrastructure that allows these different types of independent networks to interconnect using the Internet Protocol (IP) and exchange Internet traffic between their independent networks(autonomous systems) by means of mutual peering agreements.


What is Peering?

Peering is the voluntary interconnection of separate independent networks for the purpose of exchanging traffic between their networks. Peering arrangements at an exchange reduce the need to send IP traffic through an upstream provider, which is eventually destined for a local network.


What is the Autonomous System Number (ASN)?

An autonomous system is a collection of IP networks and router under the control of one entity (or sometimes more) that presents a common routing policy to the Internet. Autonomous System Number (ASN) is a unique number allocated to each autonomous system for use in BGP routing, which identifies such network on the Internet.



Why should I connect to IXPN?

The advantages of interconnecting at IXPN are numerous, but the primary reasons are cost, latency, and bandwidth. Traffic passing through an exchange is typically not billed by any party, whereas traffic to an ISP’s upstream provider is. This helps to reduce the costs of IP Traffic in a significant way. One of the largest costs facing any ISP nowadays is the upstream capacity costs of connections. Peering arrangements at an exchange reduce the need to send IP traffic through a bandwidth upstream provider when the traffic is destined for a local network user.


Who are the members connected to IXPN?

Click Here to see Peering Member list.


Who Connects to IXPN?

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What port capacity does IXPN offer?

IXPN offers interconnection between networks at 100M and 1G port speeds.


Does IXPN allow private peering?

Yes. IXPN allows private interconnection (intrasite) between IXPN members. Partners in private peering must be IXPN members, that is, they must also have peering sessions with the IXPN route servers.


What are the requirements for becoming an IXPN Member?

You must be a recognised legal entity. You must have an ASN (Autonomous System Number) and use BGP4 for peering. Your business must include Internet transmission of third-party content or services; or IP related. You must be licensed to operate such a business if a license is required.


How do I become an IXPN Member?

By following the instructions pointed out in the Joining Procedure.


What is the cost of connecting to the IXPN Switching platform?

Costs of connection to the physical infrastructure of IXPN are listed on the Fees & Charges page.


Are there any other costs involved in a connection to IXPN?

In addition to the cost of connecting to the IXPN physical infrastructure, you must also pay the one-time joining fee as well as the membership fee, which is paid quarterly. Cost of your connection, such as leased circuit, to any IXPN location, is your responsibility. The costs of housing your equipment within the co-location center but outside the IXPN suite is also your responsibility. Within the IXPN suit, you will be entitled to 1U of rack space.



Who will I contact for technical support, IXPN or the Co-lo?

For technical issues relating to your presence within the IXPN suite, such as your equipment, you should contact – noc@ixp.net.ng.


Who will arrange cable installation and management?

A completed connection form allows IXPN to plan and perform the necessary admin, configuration and wiring/cabling work to allow you to connect. All cables within the IXPN suite will be properly labelled and managed by IXPN.


Where can I find the information about the IXPN locations?

Click here to see Currently operational IXPN locations.