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IXPN is overseen by the IXPN Board comprising the MD/CEO and ten directors. The board is responsible for control of proper management of the IXPN.

The Current composition of the board, in which it has listed below the eleven members including the IXPN MD/CEO, is made up of selected people from the IXPN setup committee and other stakeholders.

Subsequently, the directors will be elected by members at a general meeting.IXPN Board of Directors: Chima Onyekwere (Chairman), Muhammed Rudman (IXPN MD/CEO), Zubaida Rasheed, Sunday Afolayan, Sam Adeleke, Aminu Tijjani, Chioke Ogugua, Akinwale Goodluck, K. R. Adeboye, Yen Choi and Haru Al-Hassan.The IXPN CEO manages the daily operational duties for IXPN. Below is the organisation chart depicting the current management structure of IXPN: