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Service Payment Schedule Price
Joining Fee One-Off 250,000 611
Membership Fee Quarterly 65,000 159
100Mbps Port Monthly 80,000 100
1Gbps Port Monthly 200,000 250
10Gbps Port Monthly 800,000 1,000
40Gbps Port Monthly 1,600,000 2,000
100Gbps Port Monthly 3,200,000 4,000


1. The joining fee is paid one-off in advance of connection by all members.
2. The port fee is invoiced bi-annually to members depending on port speed.
3. Your first invoice will include the joining fee, membership fee (pro-rata) and the port fee (pro-rata).



For Example:

A Member joining in the month of January with a billing window of three month. The estimate below shows the billing from January to March. 

Joining Fee (one-off payment) = ₦250,000.
Membership Fee (quarterly) = ₦ 65,000.
Port Fee (100Mbps) = ₦80,000 x 3 =₦ 240,000.
TOTAL  = ₦555,000 (for the 3 months billing period).

Remember the Joining fee is paid once and would not be included in subsequent billing.
For the avoidance of doubt, you can send an email to info@ixp.net.ng for any membership or application enquiries.


Port Congestion 

Members should be aware of their own utilization if the peak measured traffic on a member’s port exceeds 80% of its capacity, a Port Congestion Charge equal to the Basic Port Charge for that type of port shall be payable in addition to all other port fees. IXPN will provide real-time usage graphs provided for member ports.