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28th – 30th Sept. : Afrinic IPv6 Training in Nigeria

Sep 28, 2012


The Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria and Nigerian ICT forum in partnership with AfriNIC would be holding a training on Local Internet Registry, IPv6 and network clinic (Specifically to HEIs ) which will take place in Lagos and Abuja.The Three day training will target ISPs and HEIs that want to acquire ASN and IP block from AfriNIC with a view of fast tracking their application.

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Space could be thought of in a similar way to the relations between family members. Although people in the family are related to one another, the relations do not exist independently of the people. Leibniz argued that space could not exist independently of objects in the world because that implies a difference between two universes exactly alike except for the location of the material world in each universe. But since there would be no observational way of telling these universes apart then, according to the identity of indiscernibles, there would be no real difference between them. According to the principle of sufficient reason, any theory of space that implied that there could be these two possible universes, must therefore be wrong.

Newton took space to be more than relations between material objects and based his position on observation and experimentation. For a relationist there can be no real difference between inertial motion, in which the object travels with constant velocity, and non-inertial motion, in which the velocity changes with time, since all spatial measurements are relative to other objects and their motions. But Newton argued that since non-inertial motion generates forces, it must be absolute. He used the example of water in a spinning bucket to demonstrate his argument. Water in a bucket is hung from a rope and set to spin, starts with a flat surface. After a while, as the bucket continues to spin, the surface of the water becomes concave. If the bucket’s spinning is stopped then the surface of the water remains concave as it continues to spin.