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Community DNS now Hosted at the exchange

Apr 18, 2011


Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria is pleased to announce a CommunityDNS server up and running  at the exchange point

CommunityDNS is an experienced, global DNS provider that is 8 to 10 times faster than traditional DNS platforms. The technology found in CommunityDNS’ network was originally designed with high levels of security in mind.

CommunityDNS’s network host 353 top and second or  third level domains for ccTLD operators which is about 12.8 million names.(  ), so all the dns queries for these ccTLD and TLD will now resolve locally and faster.

Already the registry server and the primary server ( for .ng are connected to the exchange point. When  the implementation of the global Root DNS server (F-Root) at the exchange point is completed , all name queries for .ng will resolve locally.