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Fourteen organisations sign up as pioneer members

Mar 13, 2007


Fourteen companies will soon be going through the joining procedure and will all be welcomed as the pioneer members of the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN). These companies have all confirmed their interest in joining the IXPN and will soon be exchanging traffic, keeping local traffic local, just as it should be. The companies are Amsco Telecoms, Tara Systems, Skannet, GS Telecoms, Netcom Africa, Megatech, Steineng, Medallion Communications, Inet Global, Linkserve, Nitel, Swift Talk, Microaccess and Starcomms. Furthermore, some other potential members have indicated their interest or considered proposed members. These companies include Cyberspace, Accelon, 21st Century, Setlins, Bestcom, Disc Communications, Cobranet, Galaxy ITT & MTN.