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IXPN amongst the leading IXPs in Africa

Oct 29, 2014


We also want to bring your attention to a recent and highly publicized report by the Internet Society (ISOC), a leading international organization on Internet standards and policy. The Internet Society published the results of a study that demonstrates the far-reaching economic and societal benefits of establishing Internet Exchange Points (or IXPs) in emerging markets.

The new study quantifies, for the first time, how IXPs enable Kenya and Nigeria to save millions in telecommunications costs and raise additional revenues in these countries while simultaneously speeding local data exchange, and encouraging the development of locally hosted content and services.

It further reported that in Nigeria, the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) has experienced a similar reduction in latency while currently saving operators over US$1 million in connectivity costs per year.

“We concentrate on Kenya and Nigeria, each with IXPs that appear as best-in-class examples of booming IXPs in the sub-Saharan region.“ ISOC stated in their report, it is our aspiration that IXPN would be positioned as the leading IXP in West Africa and the regional IXP for the region. Visit to get the full report.