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IXPN and Rack Centre signs MOU

Feb 5, 2015


It is our pleasure to announce that Rack Centre and Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria(IXPN) have just signed an MOU towards the establishment of an IXPN POP at Rack Centre’s Tier III, carrier neutral data centre in Lagos.

While an Internet Exchange Point is designed to localize internet traffic, Rack Centre on the other hand offers vendor-neutral collocation services.

The essence of this MOU is to provide additional point of presence(besides the two on the Lagos island) to our members within the Ikeja axis, as this would make it easier for our members within the mainland to connect to IXPN. We hope that it will equally fulfil our contingency planning strategy which ensures business continuity if there is an outage in our other locations within the island”. IXPN is striving to add value to their members, which has prompted this partnership with Rack Centre, a carrier and vendor neural and certified Tier III data centre that guarantees high uptime/availability. We therefore, anticipate that prospective members, especially on the Lagos mainland will leverage on this collaboration and connect to the exchange point.


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